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PRESS RELEASES – The Zone Diet: names and figures

According to a survey carried out by Foodmonitor, almost three million Italians know and use Zone products and 1 out of 4 know what the Zone is. No sex discrimination among Zone followers, who are almost evenly distributed: 55% men and 45 % women, mostly between 30 and 45 years of age. The target.

Even though the most authoritative experts in the field do not consider this nutritional strategy as something fashionable, the Zone’s success is partly due to the high number of celebrities that have been practicing the Zone. “I’m a zoner” is what they say.

This group does not include only a lot of Hollywood stars (Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Elle Mac Pherson, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Stiller to name just a few) but many Zone supporters can be found also in the world of sports.

The following athletes have been quoted as being Zoners in Italian newspapers and magazines: Marco Materazzi (Inter Milan),  Fabio Cannavaro and Alex Del Piero (Juventus), Germàn Denis (Atalanta – Argentina national football), Carlo Ancelotti and Luigi Cagni (soccer coach), Lorenzo Vismara (swimming record holder), Valentina Vezzali (fencing, foil), Davide Sanguinetti and Simone Bolelli (tennis), Jarno Trulli (F1). USA athletes who follow the Zone include the Stanford University swim team (eight medals at the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics), many NBA teams and a high number of triathletes, also the professional cycling team Garmin who raced in the Tour de France 2011.

In the States several nutritional journals reported the declarations of many internationally-renowned athletes that follow the Zone nutritional approach,  a low-glycemic index balanced diet (also known as 40 30 30), with the goal of improving their sports performance. They publicly stated to follow the Zone and use Omega3 supplements.

This group of elite athletes include world champions and Olympic gold-medalists such as: Becky Lavelle, Andy Potts, Dean Karnazes, Julie Swail Ertel, Dede Griesbauer, Christian Vande Velde, Matt Chrabot, Lisa Bentley, Michelle McGann, Sarah Haskins, Cait Snow, Mary Miller, Martin Wilde, Fiona Docherty, Norris Frederick, Morgan House, Magnus Backstedt, David Millar, Oli Beckingsale and  Paulo Prietto.





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